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What Is Acne And What Is Causing Acne?

What is acne and what is causing acne – this question still have to be answered.

To answer the questions what is acne and how can you avoid acne problems is still and have for many years been an important subject that is not jet answered to a degree that satisfy those people who suffers from acne problems.


There is absolutely no exact cause for acne.  There are numerous variables that medical professionals imagine bring on this trouble for many of us but no real answers are told to answer the question: What is acne?  Some of those key elements in what is acne could be the hormone level within the body.  Those hormones are known as androgens and increase in both girls and boys when they’re experiencing teenage life.  That is why there are numerous pre teens and teenagers that suffer from acne breakouts and having some type of acne prescription medication to help remedy it.

In answering the question – what is acne? – an additional reason for acne could be related to genetics.  If a child has a parent that had to deal with a lot of acne issues growing up, then chances are they’ll will as well. One particular factor that may cause acne in girls is their menstruation period.  This is the time when the body’s hormones are very active and this also may cause a break out of complications in the majority of pre adolescent girls.

What is acne and how much do we know about acne?

acne no moreAcne begins in puberty, but this doesn’t usually finish there. Just about every young person, if reviewed carefully enough will indicate some of the effects of acne with some being moderate, others more serious. The major hormone leading to alterations in young people is androgen. Under its impact, the sebaceous glands generate increasingly more sebum (oil). This leads, then, to oily skin and a general change in pores and skin flora. It comes with an rise in the bacteria that cause acne in addition to a form of fungus. Each one of these give rise to the creation of blockages at the oil gland openings generally known as comedones. Such obstruction result in blackheads and whiteheads – and acne when there is infection in the skins tiny holes.

Additionally, to answer the difficult question – what is acne? – there are other elements that may give rise to acne besides family history such as frequent use of thick make-up, frequent activities under humid and hot conditions and exposure to oily ingredients. There’s nothing much that individuals is able to do about genetics but surely we can do something positive about way of life aspects to avoid acne and at the same time learn what is acne and what causes acne?

Who Gets More Acne? While both boys and girls will get acne – it’s very likely to be worse in boys as their bodies produce far more skin oils. Strangely enough, your body’s defence mechanism will come into play as well – causing you to be further responsive to the bacteria that get trapped in the hair follicles.

Things you shoUld think about to solve your acne problems.

What is acne and what makes acne a whole lot worse?

  1. If you make use of cosmetics, suntan products or hair solutions that contain oil – they can add to the pore-plugging problem.
  2. Being under stress – like signing up to schools, or battling with grades, or even dating pressures – might help produce acne.
  3. Throughout a girl’s period, hormonal changes may create more sebum in the skin, which can aggravate the breakouts.
  4. And, be careful of direct sunlight – although it damage your skin and cause premature aging – additionally, it may cause pimples.

While keeping your skin clean is an essential part of treatment, make sure to be gentle – no hard scrubbing, no picking or squeezing. It is possible to survive acne.

More on what is acne? – we will keep you updated.

Keep reading on this web-sites from time to time as we will publish additional articles on what is acne and how to treat acne and also what you can do to minimize the effect of acne and at the same time enjoying your life instead of suffering from acne problems.

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