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How to Enlarge Your Penis?

There are so many options to enlarge your penis today. You’ve probably come across advertisements for penis pills, pumps, extenders and other traction devices similar. There are so many scams in the penis enlargement industry because it is an important “asset” in our lives. They cost hundreds of dollars a year!

However, most men do not even have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on ineffective pills, bombs, etc.. understanding and application of simple exercises such as the Jelq penis penis, penis extender, Ulis and head of fungi are all you need to add up to 4 inches in one year! The results are different for everyone, but the advantage of penis exercises is that you are in charge. You determine how fast and how quickly they want to grow. And if you can save just 6 minutes a day, you can get exceptional results.

So what is the most favorable period for a bigger penis? Drum roll please … Jelq penis is!

You may have already heard of this year (maybe even have tried), but there are nuances that are probably not aware of.

First we will discuss the basic exercise:

1) Heating – Dip a small towel in warm water washing. Squeeze the excess water and wrap the towel around your penis for 3 minutes. Remove the towel again enjoy tighten and wrap it around your penis. This brings good blood flow to the penis.

2) Exercise – You need lubrication (baby oil or lotion) and 70% more or less erect penis. Make the “OK” sign as to close the base of your penis as possible and grasp firmly. penis milk slowly upwards, stopping just below the base of the head. With the other hand with the same grip and the base and repeat the movement. Keep alternating hands. Each movement should last 5 seconds and should never be Jelq penis head. That’s where the nerves are more delicate and do not want any damage to it in the name of getting a bigger penis.

3) Cooling – The cooling is carried out exactly the same way as the warm-up. Is performed to relieve the penis after exercise and preventing and bruising or swelling.

4) The nuances – There are many ways to multiply the effectiveness of the penis Jelq. These methods further enlarge his penis. The first way is to keep the first hand with his fist OK at the base. Then use your other hand on the first to make the layout, without releasing the grip on the base! No alternate hands, but the use of the 2 nd hand to do all the milking.

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