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Fresh Meat for the Summer Fayre

There is no better way to engender a community spirit in a village than to have a summer fayre, getting as many villagers as possible involved in the planning and organising and even working as volunteers on the day itself. It may be that the village has a project in mind, such as raising money for renovations to the Village Hall. Perhaps there is a local charity in need of funds. A fayre is always seen as a good fundraiser.

It helps if someone has had any experience with these kinds of things in the past, though companies that can provide the amusements are likely to be a good source of advice on the things that are generally most popular. Other than that and some hard work, you need a good catering company to supply the food you intend to sell.

Plenty of options

If you look on a website like www.halaltodoor.com, you may find your answer. In order to provide a variety of meat, you want to buy from someone that can show its origin and trace it right through the process until it is delivered to your door. You may decide that you will buy much of the meat ready for the BBQ. That means that your chicken will come already butchered into breasts, legs and wings. Perhaps you even want a proportion to be marinated.

You may decide to buy whole lambs that you can spit roast and, perhaps, have some of it minced so that you can advertise home-made burgers and kofte. Having your beef already trimmed into steaks and ready for the grill means that you will have all the variety that anyone can expect.

Timely delivery

There are suppliers that can fit in exactly with your time requirements. You should deal with a large supplier that can deliver anywhere in the country. If you need fresh and unfrozen meat for your event, then you will just have to provide sufficient notice and prepare your cooking areas.

It is sometimes difficult to gauge how much meat you will need for a summer fayre because, unless it is an annual event, you cannot be certain about the number of people who are going to attend and the things they will buy. When it comes to weather, no one can predict that, and obviously a wet day will cause a few problems. The beauty of getting your meat with a few extra days of “shelf life” is that, if the worst-case scenario does happen, your meat can be frozen; you may just end up with some very good bulk offers for friends if you do have a washout.

Budding chefs

But let’s be positive. If you know when your meat is arriving and you have the area prepared for storage and cooking, you just have to work out your prices and get your advertising ready. There are many aspects to a summer fayre, and catering is just one of them.

These events require a lot of planning and several volunteers. While not everyone has a flair for cooking, most people fancy themselves on a BBQ; it puts them close to the food and means they will not have to wash up or tire themselves out fetching and carrying anything. If you have your catering crew ready, then it is just a matter of deciding on the relishes, salads and perhaps baked potatoes and buns.

A reliable supplier will send the wide range of meat suitably packed and fresh. If you are being adventurous and plan to spit roast a lamb, you need to be certain about the cooking time and procedure. The Internet can help with this, too, just as it is likely to give you the name of an excellent source of meat.

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