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Find Out How To Acquire An Effective Tan Accelerator

Although there are many new ways of achieving that perfect tan, the tan accelerator has been on the market for a long time. A tan accelerator is designed to allow a person to darken their skin color with minimal sun exposure. They normally come in the form of either a lotion or pill. Enzymes called tyrosine and psoralen are the active ingredients in these products. They are amino acids which are the basic building blocks for the same type of protein that the body uses in producing pigment.

Tan accelerators do not work as well when sunblock is used. Many people who know this choose to go without sun block. This is not advisable due to the risks involved. You would not want your dream tan to turn into your worst nightmare.

Either of the active ingredients will allow you to tan faster. But just know that psoralen is known to cause a higher level of skin sensitivity when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Look for tyrosine in your tan accelerator.

The tan accelerator is good for tanning indoors or outdoors. Very little sun exposure may be required to get the level of darkness you want. A tan accelerator will usually sell for less than $10. Some can be over $70. Prices can vary by brand.tanning-acceleratorA certain tan accelerator may be marked with an expensive price tag. This does not mean that it will work best. Find out what others have to say about which tan accelerator has worked for them. Take the time to shop around so you can be sure that the one you choose to purchase will be the one that is safest and most effective.

You can opt for the lotion or the pill form of a tan accelerator. It just depends on what you desire. A lotion tan accelerator does add moisture. This is a good thing because the skin usually becomes dry when tanning.

Tan accelerator pills are usually advertised and sold as supplements so they often have added nutritional ingredients. There are even some that claim to help with weight loss. These, in particular, are said to make you tan and thin.

It is important to note that the tan accelerator is not usually an FDA approved product. Do your research. Although there are a large number of happy customers, not everyone has been satisfied. Check out some of the online reviews. You can not get a 100% safe tan. Be completely aware of what the pros and cons are before using a tan accelerator.

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