Waterman Pens for a Doctoral Student Gifts That Inspire Success

College graduations are around the corner. Before you know it, students will be walking across the stage to get their diplomas. A great gift idea, in case you were stuck, is Waterman pens. It can be difficult knowing what to get a student, especially when parents provide them with everything they need. Sure, you can give cash, but that seems so impersonal. It’s something everyone gives a new graduate.

College is a privilege. Sometimes that’s forgotten on the masses as more and more students are paying their way through school with student loans. And even with loans, it’s a heavy burden to carry. Remember when you went through school and your summer job paid your way? Well, many students now are doing the same thing except they may have a family to support and they’re working more than just a summer job to cover their own expenses. Some students work full time jobs just to cover tuition alone. So cash will surely be a welcomed gift. But something they’ll remember like a Waterman Expert or Waterman Carene can be more meaningful than any amount of money, especially after they already paid for school.

Waterman pens may not be a good idea for every graduate. They’re probably more suitable for business majors or perhaps those obtaining more advanced degrees like an MBA or even a doctorate. A student who has spent a fair amount of time in school will take their job more seriously and will see the value in owning a Waterman Expert.

Now is also about the time that students will be applying for PhD /doctoral programs. These students see the value in higher education. They also see the value in the nicer things in life, like a fine Waterman Carene pen. Those students, if you know one, would take the time to appreciate a nice gift like a designer pen. It’s something they’ll have on their desks or in their briefcase. They’ll remember it was a gift from a dear friend every time they pick it up. That’s the type of gift you want to give.

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